An RxFire (Prescribed Fire) is an intentionally set fire that is used to consume fuel on the ground so that a real wildfire will be stopped due to a lack of fuel. 

The figure above shows how the Ethernet spray hose system  can be used to confine an RxFire.   

The spray hose system can enable Rx Fires to be set when less than ideal weather and terrain would prevent starting an RxFire.    

A lower cost version of this system would NOT use a digital network to control the segment spray enable valves. The valve control would be done MANUALLY by firefighters. 


Segmented Spray hose

 The image above shows  more detail than the figure at the top of the page. The green main hose is being enabled by three Valve Boxes to spray from three purple segmented spray hoses. This arrangement is being used to confine an RxFire.